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Gardena the whole range

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We offer the whole range of Gardena Irrigation including the extensive Gardena Micro Drip Range

If you would like to learn more about how the Gardena product lineup of Watering Systems, Pruning Tools, Hand Tools and other related products can help you make the most of your garden then please click here.

Gardena Micro Drip make watering your hanging baskets easy, use a timer on the tap and the jobs done without you having to "get out of bed" Gardena Micro Drip offers a range of different fittings to make a tidy job of installing your Gardena Micro Drip watering System and also a wide variety of nozzles, spray heads and drippers to deliver just the correct amount of water to each plant.

Gardena Micro Drip Has the answer.

We offer the entire UK range of Gardena Products both Gardena Irigation and Watering Products and Tools, we also have many lines not curently in the range, feel free to call us on 01564-784050 to check as we may have products not on the web site.

We also carry a range of popular spare parts and can order all others for you.

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