Where is the model and serial number tag?
Where do I find the model and serial number tag on my equipment, and what does it look like?

The product identification tag is generally placed on a part of the product that, even after years of use, is safe from exposure to wear, the environment and chemical exposure. This location is to protect it so that it rarely needs replacement. However, as product designs vary and evolve over time these locations may change.

Having both pairs of Product and Engine model & serial identification number sets is very important when ordering replacement parts or for whenever service is needed.
*Note: Hand-Held products with integrated engines do not have a separate engine id numbers.

WE STRONGLY URGE CUSTOMERS TO RECORD ALL OF THESE ID NUMBERS AND KEEP THEM IN A SAFE PLACE. Writing these numbers down in the product Operators Manual is a popular location. This information can also come in very handy for insurance purposes, should the product ever be stolen or accidentally destroyed.

For most MTD® manufactured power equipment, these tags are approximately 2" x 3" in size and most all of them also have the MTD Products LLC name, address and customer service telephone number listed across the bottom.

·        RIDING MOWER identification tags are located on the underside of the seat.

·        WALK BEHIND MOWERS identification tags are located either on the deck or on the rear door of rear discharge units.

·        TWO-STAGE SNOW THROWER identification tags are located on the bottom of the main gear housing, which is often called the belly pan or service access plate.

·        SINGLE STAGE SNOW THROWER identification tags are next to the key switch and primer.

·        TILLER identification tags are normally located on the tine hood of the machine.

·        HAND HELD* products, such as string trimmers, have a smaller tag that is normally white in color and approximately 1" x 1/2" in size. Hand held i.d. tags are normally on an aluminum portion of the engine, somewhat set into the unit to protect the label from wear. (A bar code will also be on this tag.).

·        For other products, such as LOG SPLITTERS, CHIPPERS and EDGERS, identification tags can be found on the frame or main body housing.


What should my model and serial number look like?

Our current (1997 and later) model and serial numbers are generally 11 characters in length. A character could be a number, dash or a letter. If '0' represent all numbers and/or dashes and 'X' represent all letters, the model and serial numbers should appear as follows.

Model number example: 00XX000X000 *NOTE: When using the chart below, "a prefix" consists of the first two digits of a model number.

Serial number example: 0X000X00000




walk-behind push mower


walk-behind self-propelled mower


riding lawn tractor


riding garden tractor


residential zero-turn


electric walk-behind mower


garden tiller


chipper/blower-vac/log splitter


edger/trimmer mower


snow thrower


hand held products (string trimmer, chain saw etc..)

41 or 42

commercial walk-behind

51 or 52

commercial zero turn






chore performer


utility vehicle


commercial hand held