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To cut the grass in 1964 you would have been expected to push a heavy wheeled lawn mower up and down your garden. This inefficient design meant cutting close to the edge of you garden was difficult due to the large, cumbersome design of the modern day lawn mowers. For some, this made gardening an extremely tiring and unpleasant experience.

One man recognised this and took up the challenge to revolutionise gardening for the better. His name was Karl Dahlman. He understood exactly what gardeners wanted; a lightweight easy to move lawn mower that cut the grass right up to the gardens edge.

Using a similar concept to that which a hovercraft used, Karl Dahlman designed a slick, lightweight lawn mower that glided on a cushion of air. This was the birth of the electronic hover mower.

Not long after (1965) Flymo was formed, and the very first electric hover mower glided out of the factory in Newton Aycliffe in County Durham, England. This revolutionary lawn mower took the market by storm with Flymo struggling to keep up with demand.

In fact Karl Dahlman’s hover mower was so successful it attracted the interest of the electrical giant Electrolux, who acquired the company in 1969.

During the next decade a variety of newer more efficient Flymo lawn mowers were designed, and in 1977 the first Flymo lawn mowers floated off the production line in the iconic orange colour that you see today.

In 1978 Flymo showed their innovative instincts once again, introducing and patenting the world’s first grass collecting hover mower. In the same year Electrolux acquired Husqvarna who manufactured chainsaws, lawn mowers and cutting machinery in Sweden, Norway and America.

As sales grew the Flymo brand looked to diversify its product range and find new innovative ways to make gardeners lives easier. Here came the birth of the first 2 in 1 lawn trimmer and edger. This pioneering product hit the UK shelves in 1988 and once again took Flymo to the forefront of gardening technology.

Flymo was fast becoming a victim of its own success, struggling to keep up with demand for its ever extending range of products. It was decided, Flymo needed a bigger more modern factory to enable it to manufacture products more quickly and to ensure its valuable customers could benefit from the leading gardening technology.

The ideal location was found, only a few miles from its current location in Newton Aycliffe where it can still be found today. This decision was soon proven to be the correct one, and Flymo finally after 24 years of hard and dedicated work became the UK’s leading lawn mower brand.